Here at Shelly’s  we have  a  diverse selection of:  Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Repellents, and Fertilizers. Whether you are looking for a natural or synthetic solution, we have the product for you!

Insecticides:  The Ferti-Lome brand is one of our most effective lines, and Shelly’s preferred brand. Our Ferti-Lome line offers products to treat everything from aphid infestations to Borers and Cottling Moth.  Triple Action and Borer, Bagworm and Tent Caterpillar spray are both organic insect killers that are very effective.  If you are looking for year-long protection that is easy to use, try the Soil Drench product, it is a systemic insecticide that lasts for a full year. These are just a small sampling of the Ferti-Lome line so be sure to check out the more specific offerings at the store.

Eco Smart is a new organic line of insecticides that has absolutely no warning labels.  It is mainly composed of natural oils and is completely safe.

Finally, we also offer the traditional lines such as Bayer, Ortho and Safer.  Please come in and ask one of our experts for a professional recommendation.

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