Trees and Shrubs




Trees add value and beauty to a landscape and are an investment in your home. Whether you are looking for privacy, wind protection, shade or fruit, we have the right tree for your landscape.

Let us be your source for container-grown, hardy trees and shrubs that will flourish in Colorado’s hot, dry summers and cold, dryer winters! Selecting the right tree for the right spot is crucial for a long healthy life. Let our experts help you make the right choice.


Shelly’s Favorite Small Trees
Many urban neighborhoods don’t always have the room for a giant 50 foot tree. We stock many small varieties, suitable for smaller landscapes that still need shade. See our favorite small trees.


Shelly’s Favorite Large Trees
If you have all the room in the world, there’s nothing like a towering tree and the shade they provide in the summer. Here are a few of our large trees.


Shrubs for Every Space
Shrubs are the foundation for every landscape. Whether you have shady, sunny, xeric, wet or confined space we have the shrub for you. Shelly’s selects only the best shrubs for our area from the best growers. And we’re always on the look out for the new and different. See just a few of our favorite shrubs.

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