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Veggies and Herbs

Vegetables at Garden Country

Shelly’s vegetable department is stocked to over flowing throughout the growing season! We carry a wide selection of locally grown vegetables, both heirloom varieties and new introductions. Whether you are looking for juicy tomatoes, eggplant or artichoke we have you covered! If you are new to vegetable gardening let our experienced staff help you grow like an expert. If you want to grow veggies but don’t think you have the space, let us help you choose varieties that thrive in containers. Nothing tastes better than homegrown veggies!

Have you visited our Herb Department?

Herbs delight the senses with their scent, flavor, texture and color. Having been used for thousands of years as medicines, dyes, decorations, symbols, food and flavoring, herbs have a fascinating history and possess a myriad of meanings. Simply put, herbs are some of the most useful plants in the garden and among the easiest to grow. Here at Shelly’s  we stock a vast selection of individually potted and pre-planned herb gardens.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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